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Thursday 22 June 2023

Assistance dog allowed on labour ward to assist anxious mom to be

PHOTO BY JANE RUSSELL/SWNS. Amee Tomkin, Belle and baby.

NEWS AND VIEWS - MILTON KEYNES, UK: Amee Tomkin has been diagnosed with autism, anxiety and OCD. It is tough for her. She lives with a female Staffie-type dog companion called Belle. Tomkin said:

"Without her I am too anxious to leave the house."

Her anxiety is that serious which is why she was delighted that the was allowed to have Belle beside her in the maternity ward at Milton Keynes University Hospital throughout labour and delivery.

Belle is the first dog allowed on the labour ward. The first woman in Britain to have her dog beside her during birth as a medical aid was Charlotte Beard in 2021.

Tomkin was allowed to have Belle on her bed before she went into theatre and Belle was the first to meet Tomkin's son after Olly after Tomin had her caesarian.

Tomkin said:

"My midwife at the hospital was fabulous but having Belle with me is like having another midwife there all the time, to keep me calm and check on myself and Olly."

She added:

"After 12 years, I thought I'd never concede. When I did it was a very complicated pregnancy and there were times when we feared the worst. It's a miracle I'm still here and safe and my baby too. The doctors and nurses were brilliant and we have Belle to thank too."

It's beyond doubt that Belle did wonders in being beside her master and caregiver during pregnancy and delivery in the labour ward at this Hertfordshire hospital.

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