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Friday 26 August 2011

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Cats

The underlying ethos and method of what to do for your cats when preparing for a hurricane or any impending disaster is to do for your cats what you do for yourself. If your cat is treated as a second level family member or even disposable (and some people do think like that), your cat will be in danger in a hurricane. I am thinking of hurricane Irene and Florida generally. I am told that Florida has on average four hurricane's per year. Is that right? That must be a factor why not to live in the otherwise sunny and desirable Florida.

Preparedness seems to be the key factor. Getting in extra water and cat food in case these are not available for several days would seem common sense. Having a safe place to go to during the hurricane must be a priority. Apparently there are special shelters in Florida for people but not cats! That means setting up some alternative safe shelter to protect your cat during the storm. Perhaps your own shelter or a local veterinarian might have facilities that are suitable.

Ultimately it also means sticking with your cat if you can. Reassurance and familiar activities will help to settle a cat when he or she is frightened by noise.

We should check that our cat carriers are to hand and in good working order too. Finally what about the stray and feral cats? We can't do much for them, sadly. But we might be able to figure out something that can help such as enticing them into a shelter of some kind. Although they might be better finding there own shelter. Cats are pretty good survivors.

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