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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Caboodle Ranch Custody Hearing Continues

All testimony in the custody hearing of the Caboodle Ranch cats concluded on May 29, 2012 and each side has until June 11 to submit their proposed order as to the fate of the Caboodle Ranch cats. On or before this date, the judge, who is a cat owner, will issue a ruling and draft an order based on his decision. This practice is common in this type of hearing.
Caboodle Ranch in happier times

The judge has requested briefs on whether the court or the sheriff has authority over disposition of the cats. Also in question is whether the court is permitted to return a portion of the cats or whether this is an all or nothing decision.

A good many supporters of Caboodle Ranch turned out to witness the trial.

Ron Grant testified on behalf of Caboodle Ranch. It was stated in an article at that their attorneys hope to prove the case against them is based on heresay, lies and that the PETA photos were "doctored."

Neither Nanette Entriken nor Craig Grant testified at the hearing. Craig was unable to testify because of his pending criminal charges.

According to Caboodle Ranch, Inc. Facebook page, the judge told Craig he has a "Servant's Heart!" On the other hand, the judge was concerned at the decline in health of the Caboodle Ranch cats between the inspection on January12, 2012 and the time the cats were seized.

Regardless of the judge's ruling on the custody case, the cats will remain as evidence until the criminal case has been tried and a decision made on whether Grant is guilty of any wrong-doing.

Whether Craig Grant is innocent or guilty, I find it very disturbing these cats must remain in cages until the entire situation is settled. Why can't they be placed into some kind of foster care situation? These poor cats are probably wondering what they did to deserve this. Holding them hostage is just making this situation much worse. The cats have all been examined and treated and I'm sure it would harm no one to allow them to live in a loving home until this custody fight is over.

Comments anyone? I only have one question that keeps nagging away at me. How do you "doctor" a photo of a cats eyeball hanging out? Is this something that can be done with Photoshop? I'm completely serious here. I can understand how photos could have been entered into evidence showing parts of the ranch not in use. But the injuries of the cats were very graphic and I would think this would be hard to manipulate digitally.

I'd especially love to hear from anyone from either side who was at the hearing. Comments can be made on this page and it can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus One using the buttons below.

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