Monday 1 July 2024

Peter Fouché British combat medic and volunteer dies. Here with cat in Ukraine trenches.

Peter Fouché, a British combat medic and volunteer with cat in Ukraine trenches
Twitter screenshot.

Peter Fouché, British combat medic and volunteer, has died while defending Ukraine. 

Peter saved over 200 lives of our Defenders. 

 In March 2022 Peter Fouché came to Ukraine as a volunteer. Later, he joined the Territorial Guards. In January 2024, Peter Fouché officially joined the AFU as a combat medic. 

 Peter was the co-founder of Project Konstantin that evacuates injured soldiers and does medical training. He has a 15 year old daughter Nichola - he went to Ukraine for her. 

Eternal memory and eternal glory to the Hero. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

The words are those of Anton, a prolific Twitterer. Thanks.

It seems that he liked cats too. It also seems that the cat was one of those front-line trench cats who keep the troops company and catch mice and deter rats. Nice picture. So sad.

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