Tuesday 2 July 2024

More army horses running loose in London

The Times and other news outlets are reporting a new incident of army horses running loose through London. This event recalls the troubling incident approximately nine weeks ago when Household Cavalry horses, startled by loud construction work, galloped through central London, resulting in injuries to four people and significant harm to at least two horses, though they fully recovered. During that episode, the horses charged into a double-decker tour bus and a van.

In the latest occurrence, three army horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, supervised by five soldiers, bolted through central London. The incident began when one horse, which was being led, got spooked by a bus, causing two riders to be unseated and their horses to run loose.

The horses dashed from Seville Street to South Eaton Place, where one was captured. The remaining two continued to Vauxhall Bridge before being stopped. Soldiers were later seen soothing the horses amidst the traffic.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that all three horses were safely returned to Hyde Park Barracks, and none were involved in the previous incident nine weeks prior.

A spokesperson said:
Whilst exercising this morning, three horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment became loose from their riders. They were swiftly and safely recovered. One horse received minor injuries but no further treatment is required and there were no injuries to the soldiers.
Two of the horses were collected and placed into a horse box.


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