Wednesday 5 June 2024

Tabby cat walks on stage during Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ symphony in Istanbul

The Turkish like their cats and they have a lot of stray cats probably because there is not enough spaying and neutering under TNR programs and also with domestic cats in homes. 

Here we have a cute video of a tabby cat wandering onto the stage during a concert in Istanbul. Nothing happens which is great. The musicians carry on as if nothing has happened although one of two of the ladies and the men look at the cat as he/she ambles by. They smile in recognition. Cats tend to make us smile.

Tabby cat walks on stage Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony in Istanbul

It seems that the the audience took it in their stride too. This may be because as mentioned the Turkish are used to seeing lots of stray cats. Perhaps they are integral to city life and accepted.

That's a good and bad thing. Bad because too many cats are procreating and good because they are in general well treated.

You'll see mother cats bringing their kittens into mosques for sanctuary and the iman accepts it. And you see Muslims praying in mosques and cats joining in. No one blinks an eye. 

This is the link between the Prophet Mohammad's love of cats and the Islam faith which encourages Muslims to treat cats well.

The video is embedded from TikTok and it may disappear one day. Sorry if that has happened.


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