Wednesday 19 June 2024

Russian fencer uses F-word multiple times against Ukrainian opponent

This is the European Fencing Championships in Basel. Olena Kryvytska, the Ukrainian, won the bout with a score of 15:9. But in the video you can see how badly behaved the Russian was after Olena refused to salute her at the end of the bout which I presume is part of the etiquette in fencing competitions. 

Arrogant, rude Russian fencer uses F-word against Ukrainian opponent
Screenshot from the video.

To me it shows us how many Russians 'just don't get it'. They don't understand what is going on in the war in Ukraine thanks to Putin's incessant television propaganda and news blackouts because he terrorises independent newspapers in Russia. 

And therefore this Russian fencer competing under the Georgian flag (why!?) becomes enraged when her Ukrainian opponent - who beat her - does not do the polite thing at the end. 

And the Ukrainian fencer was correct. How could she salute and be polite to a Russian who is a citizen of  country bent on destroying Ukraine in an illegal war? This problem is the same for tennis players. Ukrainian tennis professionals have refused to shake hands with their Russian competitors at the end of the match.

There is a strong argument that all Russian athletes should be banned from all competitions during this war but I understand that they are sometimes entirely innocent and victims of Putin themselves.

Here is the video:

Of course this has nothing to do with cats! Directly. But indirectly it has everything to do with cats and other animals. Hundreds of thousands as you probably know by now have been killed by Putin's forces. He has also killed many thousands of wild animals. It is Armageddon for animals in Ukraine thanks to that terrorist, tyrant Putin who professes to be an animal lover. We must think of the animals as well as the human victims.

The man is destroying Russia as well, in small steps compared to Ukraine where he likes to shell grandmothers with their cat companions in one-bed flats at night.


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