Tuesday 7 February 2023

Woman in China locked out of her home uses her cat to get in (video). True or False?!

USA Today introduces the video below with these words: "A woman in China was locked out of her home after forgetting her keys. Luckily, one of her cats was able to unlock the door for her."

Do you see the ginger cat unlocking the door? I don't. They don't question whether this is implausible. It has to be a false assessment. A lie - a fake. Strong words but I feel that they are true words.

The cat lets the owner in by jumping up onto the door's handle and pulling it downwards using their weight. They did not turn any key or adjust any locking mechanism inside the door. They simply pulled down on the handle as stated. This means that the woman outside on the other side of the door was able to pull down the handle in just the same way. 

Therefore, she was not locked out. Also, it means that this is a fabricated video as so many are to try and get some views and a little bit of internet fame for the video maker vicariously through their companion cat. 

It is incredibly tiresome for someone like me and it is compounded by the blind journalism simply regurgitating what they've been told in the video or by somebody else.

This video may disappear over time as they often do and if so, I apologise but I can't control this as it is embedded into this site but held on USA Today's server.

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