Saturday 10 December 2022

One of the best cat videos on TikTok. Rescuer ambushed by a gang of kittens

Image: MikeB from screenshots.

You might have seen this video. If not enjoy it as it is a cracking good one. So cute and so nice too as the outcome is great. The cuteness comes from the fact that the 'lead kitten' - the gang leader - confidently marches up the man as if they are in need of rescuing. Very confident - perhaps driven by starvation. 

The man accepts the approach and clearly intends to rescue this cute tabby-and-white stray kitten. When it was clear to the others, who were watching in the long grass, that the man was safe and good, the gang of 11 more kittens, many white, trot out of the long grass to great their saviour.

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It looks like one big family. Where's the mother and what the hell happened for this gang of 12 kittens to be in long grass? The backstory is a mystery, but it needs to be told. If I was being cynical, you could almost imagine that the whole thing was set up for the cameras! But I won't be cynical.

It does not get better as he rescues them all as far as I am aware. Great guy.

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