Thursday 24 March 2022

Cats shot with darts - Kentucky, the worst state for animal protection

NEWS AND COMMENT - Jessamine County, Kentucky, USA: The video explains this sad story. It seems that some maniac has devised a new way to kill cats. Great, well-done. There's a guy on YouTube who commented on the video below. He said the cat killing was justified if the cat scratched a car! A mean: pathetic or what?

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He's suggesting that it is okay to commit a crime and animal cruelty if a cat scratches a car. This is bad thinking. And in any case, it is not the cat's fault as cats behave naturally and instinctively. If a cat scratches a car and the car owner wants to blame someone, they must blame the cat's owner for letting their cat roam freely in an area where there are maniacs; not the cat. Obvious really.

The police officer in the video says that the animal welfare laws of Kentucky are too soft. He believes that killing a cat with a dart should be a felony. It is nice to hear that from a police officer.

He also said that the dart was made from a golf tee peg. Looking at the video, I am not sure that he is correct unless this is a novel new kind of golf tee peg.  I stopped playing golf years ago so I may be wrong myself.

According to the annual U.S. Animal Protection Laws Rankings Report published by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the nation’s preeminent legal advocacy organization for animals, Kentucky ranks the worst state of all for animal protection laws. This indicates that the legislature of Kentucky has the least concern for animal welfare of all 50 state legislatures. Not a great endorsement of their competence.

You know what they say (the wise among us): the quality of a human society is reflected in their animal welfare laws. The poorer the laws the poorer the society. This is because in the best societies the vulnerable are protected the most effectively. A sign of a sophisticated society.

This is the male cat who behaved a bit like a puppy:


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