Friday 4 February 2011

Kitten Games

This is a website about cats so "kitten games" should be relevant and may be interesting. But what, in fact, are they? Well they have almost nothing to do with real kittens or cats. The sites that are listed when a search is made do present very basic online games but there are almost no kittens in sight! So, any visitor looking to play these games is going to be disappointed when bumping into this page. Sorry.

Kitten Games - basic stuff I am afraid

These sites are highly commercial in that advertising is in your face. They list a lot of colourful but, to be honest, feeble games for what must be young teenage girls.

These are games where, for example, you dress up a woman and her child or decorate a room. You do this by selecting say a pair of shoes and the selected shoes are instantly placed on the person. All the images are drawings, cartoon style.

Some of the games are in Japanese, so you will need to understand that language to get the most out of the game.

And a lot of the games are for any child. I think actually that the games are designed for children younger than teenagers.

Some sites do have crude games with kittens but they barely work and one simply said that, "this game has no description nor controls". How can a game have no controls?

There is little more to say about kitten games except that they are popular. I sigh when I recognise that because it shows that young people are wasting their free time. A bit of entertainment is good but these are horrible, mindless. Is it an example of dumbing down that we hear lots about in relation to education?

When I first bumped into the idea of "kitten games" I immediately thought that it meant cat games for kittens, a sort of miniaturised or more gentle version of well known cat toys. But no.

The game illustrated in the picture near the top of this page, is one where the player drags the cat on the right hand side of the game to the matching silhouette on left hand side. When the cat slots in, the cat sticks its tongue out. That is it. It is a Japanese game and is one of the very few games that actually involves kittens!

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