Don't Modify Something That Is Perfect

It is common sense that we should not modify something that is perfect. We should admire something that is perfect. The commonplace and ubiquitous domestic cat is perfect in one outstanding respect; it is the perfect predator. We should admire that rather than be frightened of it.

The cat has all the attributes required to be a perfect predator. It has wonderful athleticism, great climbing skills, superb hearing that is much better than ours, night-sight vision to die for and last but not least the weapons, the teeth and claws backed up by a strong bite force - see cat anatomy.

Why then do millions of Americans decide to amputate the the last joint of each toe of both front paws? In doing this you are turning a Ferrari into Volkswagen. Take at look at this slow motion video of an ordinary cat expressing its extraordinary predatory skills in play.

Beautiful, n'est ce pas? If people declaw their cats - a most cruel and immoral practice - then why not de-tooth the cat as well? The teeth are part of the cat's weaponary. Why not go the whole way? In asking this question we throw up the absurdity of declawing. A declawed cat is liable to compensate for loss of its claws by using its jaws! But more frequently.

So what have you gained? And it doesn't stop there. Some cats develop behavioral problems. You have torn up that beautifully perfect predator and turned it into a lame shadow if its former self. For what? Because you are frightened that you might get scratched? If you are it will be your fault. And as for furniture, well it is absurd to modify the perfect predator for a piece of furniture.

Admire the domestic cat for what it is and accept it for what it is; the perfect predator that also happens to be a damn good companion.

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