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Einstein domestic cat BOTH removes door jammer AND uses door handle to get out

He or she is the Einstein of domestic cats and they are very attractive to boot. This is a standard domestic cat but I see Turkish Van markings. The appearance is what I'd call Mediterranean. Lots of white, a ginger tabby tail and blotchy, large inverted 'Vs' over the head.  Smart domestic cat opens door by removing door jammer and turning handle. Screenshot. We know that some domestic cats open doors by using their body weight to pull down on the door handle. But this guy realises that the door has been jammed shut as well. So he climbs up to the height of the door jammer and knocks it out and then uses his normal technique to turn the door handle. Totally awesome and taking the domestic cat trick of opening a door to new heights ✔️💓. If the video stops working I am sorry but I don't control its presence as it is served by the website. The cat's caregiver states: "The cat has a very clear logic. I'm shocked". Yes, I'm shocked too. You