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Monday 19 December 2022

Einstein domestic cat BOTH removes door jammer AND uses door handle to get out

He or she is the Einstein of domestic cats and they are very attractive to boot. This is a standard domestic cat but I see Turkish Van markings. The appearance is what I'd call Mediterranean. Lots of white, a ginger tabby tail and blotchy, large inverted 'Vs' over the head. 

Smart domestic cat opens door by removing door jammer and turning handle
Smart domestic cat opens door by removing door jammer and turning handle. Screenshot.

We know that some domestic cats open doors by using their body weight to pull down on the door handle. But this guy realises that the door has been jammed shut as well. So he climbs up to the height of the door jammer and knocks it out and then uses his normal technique to turn the door handle.

Totally awesome and taking the domestic cat trick of opening a door to new heights ✔️💓.

If the video stops working I am sorry but I don't control its presence as it is served by the website.

The cat's caregiver states: "The cat has a very clear logic. I'm shocked".

Yes, I'm shocked too. You can see him thinking about how he is going to remove the door jammer. And he thinks pretty fast. Sometimes cats can be a bit slow on rational thought and super quick on executing instinctive actions but not this guy or girl.

Perhaps the video will help some people to better understand the sentience of domestic cats and as a consequence respect them more.

A university study asked staff whether domestic animals had the capacity to think and had minds. These are the findings. They ranked dogs over cats on intelligence 😒😢.

Faculty, staff, and graduate students in a number of departments, students in an undergraduate course, and some groups outside the university were polled to obtain their perceptions about whether domestic animals have minds, the ability to think, and differing degrees of intelligence (the surveys focused only on horses, cows, sheep, dogs, chickens, pigs, cats, and turkeys).  

A clear majority of all groups surveyed (except the Department of Zoology) said yes, they believe animals have minds, but a substantial number of those in animal sciences and zoology (17 to 25%) said no. A number of others in animal sciences, zoology, and philosophy (11 to 37%) refused to answer the question because the concept of mind was not defined. From 80 to 100% of respondents in other groups said yes to the question of minds. From 67 to 100% of all participants said yes, they perceive that animals have the ability to think, but a substantial number of animal scientists, zoologists, veterinarians, and English faculty said no, animals don't think (6 to 33%). 

On the question Do domestic animals differ in relative intelligence?, the responses varied from 88% in animal sciences to 100%. Surprisingly, when asked to rank different animal species by intelligence, there was a remarkable degree of similarity across all groups regardless of background; the overall ranking from highest intelligence to lowest was dog, cat, pig, horse, cow, sheep, chicken, and turkey. Most of the respondents believed that the possession of minds, thought, and intelligence were relevant factors in how animals should be treated and the prevalent concept was that we should not be cruel to animals, but should treat them humanely.

Study citation: S. L. Davis, P. R. Cheeke, Do domestic animals have minds and the ability to think? A provisional sample of opinions on the question, Journal of Animal Science, Volume 76, Issue 8, August 1998, Pages 2072–2079,

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