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Saturday 30 March 2024

Mystery of the two dead Sphynx cats on the side of a road

NEWS AND COMMENT - UK: News media are reporting on a sad and mysterious discovery of two dead Sphynx cats, one male and one female, in a field not far from a road. On the other side of the road there was a red cat carrier in which there were cat faeces. The cats were micro-chipped but there were no details except that they were of Romanian origin. It appears to me that the details were erased.

The cats were found by a dog walker who reported the discovery to the RSPCA who are mystified as to what happened

There was no sign of trauma so the cats were not killed by being hit by something. We have to speculate and I sometimes like to speculate.

This is a fictional image of male and female SPHYNX cats. I can't publish the picture of the dead cats on this website as it might breach Google Adsense's policy rules.


To me, this would point to an informal Romanian cat breeder breeding hairless cats namely the Sphynx cat in their home in the UK because they are valuable and you can make quite a lot of money selling Sphynx cats.

I would further speculate that the breeding wasn't working out very well. Perhaps the cats became ill. The female cat had bad teeth but it wasn't possible to determine her age.

I would suggest that they were abandoned by this breeder and the microchip details erased as a consequence. They would appear to have been alive when they were abandoned but that might not be the case. They might have died at the breeder's home and put in a cat carrier that already had faeces in it.

Either that or they were alive in a cat carrier and trapped in it for a while and died when they escaped from the carrier. They were not attacked by a predator. They appear not to have been hit by a vehicle. They might have died of exposure as they are hairless after all with no protection from their coat and it's been pretty wintry, very wet and cold.

They were found on Saturday, March 16 in Cambridgeshire, UK. The bodies were near the road between Balsham to Hildersham High Street in the area of Samworth Close.

The bottom line is that they must've been abandoned

And they must have died within the ownership of an individual or perhaps sometime after they were abandoned. That I think is the logical assessment but I would welcome somebody else's views on this.

It is the first time I have read a cat new story of this nature. It is incredibly sad. It's in fact rather horrific to be honest.


I can't show the photograph of the bodies because I have a feeling that advertisers on this website won't like them and they would object to it. Google AdSense would also object to it possibly and notify me of a breach of their policy which I don't like to hear about.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Dead Cats and Politicians

In the distant past in England, UK, "Dead cats which not infrequently were cast into the streets, or accidentally killed there, were sometimes used as objects of sport by the silly, low-minded, and vulgar...."

Lambeth Hustings 1865

In the 18th century and perhaps less so in the 19th century the "time of times" to use a dead cat was to throw it at an unpopular politician as he attempted to deliver his political views during an election. If it was not a dead cat it would have been a rotten egg.

In 1784 a certain Mr Fox was a candidate for the borough of Westminster, the area where the Houses of Parliament (The Palace of Westminster) are situated.

"During the poll, a dead cat being thrown on the hustings (the platform from which the politician pronounced his views - called a "stump" in America), one of Sir Cecil Wray's party observed that it stunk worse than a fox; to which Mr Fox replied there was nothing extraordinary in that, considering it was a 'poll cat'.

Apparently Mr Fox was witty man. "Poll cat" is a pun based on the "polecat" which is a reference to a weasel and not a cat at all as it happens!

In the 18th century dead cats were sometimes thrown into carriages or through open windows as a prank or given a "presents".

References and quotes: Our Cats and all about them - Harrison Weir

Copyright: Assessed as lapsed due to passage of time.

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