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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Altering the Color of Siamese Cats

We know that the pointing of Siamese cats is caused by heat sensitivity. The warmer the environment the paler the color. The extremities of a Siamese cat are cooler hence darker than the central part of the body.

Reason For Siamese Cat Pointing

To recap: at normal body temperatures the enzymes present in the Siamese cat are unable to produce melanin (a pigment) but at lower temperature the enzymes are able to perform their normal function and produce melanin. At the extremes of the cat the skin is cooler and so those areas have darker fur (pointing).

When the kitten in born they are white because they have been in the warmth of their mother's womb. The pointing develops and is then fixed for that cat.

On the basis that the paleness of body color and darkness of the pointing becomes fixed at a certain point in the kitten's development, it appears that it is possible to deliberately alter the color of an individual cat by adjusting the ambient temperature under which the cat is raised. Just a thought.

Personalized Siamese Cat

It has been suggested that you can create a personalised Siamese cat. I am not suggesting that you do this but it is interesting. You gently shave your initials into the Siamese cat's fur (remove the fur in the form of your initials) and while it grows back you cool the area you have shaved. The new fur should be darker and therefore your initials will be visible in the fur for the life of the cat. Obviously the area where you do this is the central (paler) part of the body.

It sounds strange and I don't want to start a fad or cult. But the science behind the Siamese cat pointing supports the idea that it is possible to create a personalized Siamese cat!

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