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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Hairless Devon Rex

A reminder that the curly haired Devon Rex can be hairless or partially hairless. I think the hairlessness can be permanent or transient. Perhaps someone can clarify that?

The point I am making is that if a Devon Rex is hairless the cat becomes something like a Sphynx cat. They have a similar appearance anyway. On that basis why not adopt a Sphynx instead? I think it just creates a complication. After all the main reason why people adopt a rex breed of cat is for the unusual curly coat. If that is missing, your not getting what you wanted.

Here is a picture of a hairless Devon Rex advertised for sale (at 1st Nov. 2011):

Hairless Devon Rex - see the advert.

Saturday 29 October 2011

Beautiful Devon Rex

White Devon Rex Cat
White Devon Rex Cat - photo nikonlarry

This is a beautiful Devon Rex cat. I have not seen a better cat of this breed - nice photograph too. It is not a professional photograph but there are some very good amateur photographers out there.

What a gorgeous little, pixie, face this cat has. She must be female. You can see that the whiskers are very thin and short. The Devon Rex can have a thin almost bare coat. It is part of being a rex cat (curly haired cat).

This is an white cat. White cats can be deaf but she has copper eyes. This tells me that there is pigment in the iris of the eyes which might mean that there has been no effect on her ears as they are near the eyes!

Sunday 2 October 2011

Devon Rex Health Issues - Hereditary Myopathy

The elfin faced Devon Rex can suffer from the autosomal (non-sex linked) recessive genetic defect called hereditary myopathy.

The signs are visible at 4 to 7 weeks of age. Kittens have low energy levels (low exercise threshold) and the head is flexed downward when the kitten walks or on the toilet. An associated disease is an enlarged esophagus. This causes swallowing problems.

There is no treatment for this condition. A short life is expected. Sorry.

See more at Devon Rex health.

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