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Sunday 14 August 2011

Cat Dry Skin

Three all natural treatments for cat dry skin are listed on this page. First though, I think people are making a presumption that their cat has dry skin because he or she is constantly scratching themselves. This is usually around the shoulders, neck and face (forehead near the ears).

From personal experience I would not make that presumption. The foremost book on cat health does not refer to "dry skin" it its index. Sure, there are countless skin conditions that can cause itching and scratching but they are not cat dry skin problems and this post is about cat dry skin!

I would deal with the obvious first. Check out your cat for fleas, and mites. If you don't have one buy a good flea comb (32 teeth to the inch) and have a good comb - of your cat! If you don't see a flea keep trying. Try all over the chin, face above the eyes, behind the ears, over the shoulders, down the back and at the base of the tail and do it very thoroughly. Take your time.

Fleas can be small and large, dark brown and light brown. After the comb has passed through the fur immediately check the comb. Be fast because fleas jump off onto your cat or anywhere else. If you can't be sure hold the comb up to the light and check for movement. Crush fleas on the comb with the nail of your thumb! You'll hear a pop - very satisfying noise. You may not see fleas but that does not mean that they are not there - keep looking.

If you see fleas keep combing them all out. If there are lots check out flea treatments. It only takes on little pain-in-the-arse flea to cause some cats great irritation and plenty of scratching. Some cats are more tolerant but some more sensitive. Some are allergic.

Once you have eliminated the possibility of bugs and any other skin condition, your cat might have dry skin despite no reference to it on the Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook. Or your cat has an unspecified skin condition. In which case I would consider purchasing one or all of the following products which are natural cures:

Feline Ouch Away for Cat Skin Irritation - $21.95
Feline Ouch Away is an effective herbal extract formulation that soothes and softens irritated skin, fights infection and helps hair re-growth in affected areas.

Feline All Clear Ointment for Cat Skin Disease - $21.95
Feline All Clear Ointment is an herbal formulation that soothes and heals skin affected by bacterial and fungal infections and other cat skin disorders.

Feline Royal Coat EFA Express - Cat - $24.95
Provides your cat with an excellent, all-natural source of EFAs (essential fatty acids) they need to maintain healthy skin and shiny coats.

Good luck with cat dry skin problems. You might like to read Cat Skin Problems too.

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