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Sunday 14 August 2011

Caring for a Siamese Cat

Photo by anthrovik

All the usual things should be in place for caring for a Siamese cat. What I mean is that a Siamese cat has the same basic requirements regarding care as any other cat, moggie or purebred - obviously.

There is perhaps one additional factor: the Siamese is an interactive cat that likes to have close contact with his or her human caretaker/guardian. They are vocal and like to be heard!

That means being around more than usual. A retired couple are probably ideal human companions. Or people over aged 55. Sorry if that sounds ageist.

I have a page on how to avoid cat behavior problems, which is really about how to approach caring for a domestic cat. Click on this link to see it. It is a PDF file. It will load and look different to a standard web page.

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