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Wednesday 13 July 2011

Siamese cat boxing a dog

I don't like the popular video of the Siamese cat boxing a dog. I'll tell you why. The cat is declawed. I hate declawing. The video works because the cat is declawed. There would be no video if the cat had her claws because the dog would have been scratched on the nose and moved away very soon after being hit for the first time.

I agree that sometimes cats strike with their claws retracted but on the this occasion the demeanor of the cat tells me that she is serious. Her claws would have been out.

99.9% of the people making comments about this video ignore that important fact. They are immersed in the frivolous and demand instant entertainment. No wonder the world is in a mess.

And  I am not being overly serious. I like a laugh etc. But cat declawing is very cruel and unnecessary and must stop. We can't have fun on the back of that and ignore it.

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