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Thursday 27 October 2011

Cat with Corkscrew Tail

The cat with corkscrew tail might be an American Ringtail cat. This is a recognized purebred cat. It is a rare cat. The tail curls to form a ring or corkscrew. I am sure that there are random bred cats with the same curly tail because the original American Ringtail cat was a non-purebred cat, of course. The shape of the flexible and strong tail is due to the presence of two genes, one recessive and one dominant. There are dogs, purebred and random bred, with the same sort of tail

Here is a picture of the American Ringtail cat.

American Ringtail cat - - photo of "Solomon's Promise" © Joseph L Halbleib

The person who created this rare breed of cat is Susan Mandley who rescued the first ringtailed cats.

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