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Catholic priest said that Jesus Christ died with an erection

A catholic priest in County Durham, UK, said in his sermon that Jesus died with an erection. There was uproar among the parishioners as they gasped in shock, murmuring to each other. A complaint was filed against him which was upheld but he kept his job.

Catholic priest said that Jesus Christ died with an erection
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He delivered his sermon on Good Friday. He is father Thomas McHale.

Father McHale, 53, is from the United States. There were between 75 and 100 Catholics in the congregation at the time.

His argument that Jesus died with an erection is an interesting one. He made the claim in his sermon because when Jesus was crucified his blood would have rushed to his lower body. And it's known that full or partial erections have been seen in the corpses of men who have been executed particular by hanging.

It's also been seen in men who died with fatal gunshot wounds to the brainstem or spinal cord.

The issue was first raised in a 2015 article in the magazine Premier Christianity which referred to the "strange physiological reaction, the final shame of a crucified man".

A spokesperson for the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle confirmed that a complaint had been investigated and upheld.

McHale has been a parish priest at Blackhill for more than 10 years. He is still working in the parish according to a local parish newsletter.

Comment: a lot of people would say that referring to Jesus having an erection was vulgar and inappropriate in a sermon. It probably was but perhaps McHale sees things differently. He sees things in a very realistic way by the look of it. He doesn't see the embarrassment of mentioning Jesus Christ having an erection. It sounds blasphemous and completely inappropriate but if you look at it from a practical, pragmatic and biological point of view it doesn't sound so bad.

The problem is that Christians who worship God and Jesus look up to Christ. He is perfect and not of this world. But of course he was of this world and he was a living man and I think Jesus himself would agree that he was imperfect. I'm sure of it. And I'm sure that he wouldn't mind a reference to an erect penis. I think he was a very honest, open and direct man. He must have been to have had the views that he espoused in his sermons.


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