Sunday 24 July 2016

What wild cats live in Georgia?

In my honest opinion, only one wild cat species lives in Georgia, officially, and that is the American bobcat. You may see the odd Puma but they are not meant to be there. That is what the experts say. Perhaps a Florida panther might wander into Georgia but I would doubt it. If someone knows better they can leave a comment, please. If you want to know what wild cats live in America, please click on this link, which tells you which wildcat species live in which country across the planet.


  1. Link alert ! However I thought you might enjoy reading this as it does discuss all the possibilities for cougar sightings.

    1. Thanks Eileen. There are certainly some mountain lions in the east. The odd "vagrant" as the experts call them. But officially the puma in the east is only in Florida. Thanks for the link. I have one on PoC.

      There are others too.

    2. I have several long running arguments regarding animals. One is a wolverine spotting on the back of my property many years ago. I know what I seen that morning and it was more than a passing glance.
      The other was observing stalking behavior in a turkey vulture. Which went on for many days. I have always had a pair of turkey vultures near here. I love watching the scent hunt for the dead. It is a graceful grid covering flight.
      One animal is where it should not have been and the other was exhibiting a behavior claimed unnatural. Evolution is a constant as is any species ability to adapt. Many areas now how wildlife corridors.


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