Wednesday 28 October 2009

The Savannah Cat Shake

The Savannah Cat Shake is a dance that I have just made up. It is great background music to this video. A credit to the composer is in the video. The Savannah cat is very energetic sometimes and very athletic. Of course that is not always the case. But they seem more alert and sharper than the conventional moggie and I am though talking about an F1 Savannah cat in this instance.

In the video I tried to bring together a bundle of quick moving clips to convey energy and a zest for life.

The video clips are by Kathrin Stucki and as you probably know she own and manages A1 Savannahs with her husband Martin Stucki.

The cats are MAGIC a female cat who happens to be the Guinness World Record Tallest Domestic Cat and TITAN a male F1 Savannah who is equally impressive and a really sweet boy cat.

You can see the video in large format here: Savannah Cat Zest

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  1. Hi Freddie.

    What I be right to assume certain cats turn you on a little bit? Don't worry, you're not alone.

  2. Hi, I hadn't thought about that in fact. But there may be something of that deep in the subconscious! Not sure. I know I love the athleticism and life. I'll think about it! Meow...


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