Saturday 1 August 2009

Why I declawed My Cat

This is why I declawed my cat. I’m fed up with being told I am a monster when I am not. I love my cats. I had lots and I had them all declawed because I think it is a helpful thing. It makes the cat more liveable with, doesn’t it?

I looked after them really well after surgery and they did great. I can’t see anything different. Yeh, I changed the litter to a paper litter that you can buy in pet stores which helps. But you anti-declawers are all PC. You’ve never lived with cats, have you?

A lot of cats are left to die in SPCA because people can’t live with their furniture being wrecked. If you cat lovers would stop having a go at people like me who sees the practical side then maybe more cats would be re-homed from cat shelters and loved and cared for. Why don’t you cat lovers show pictures of cats being euthanized at cat shelters? Isn’t that lots worse?

Sure declawing can be done badly but my vet is good and he recommends it. I just take good advice. What am I supposed to do. I look to my vet to give me the best advice and I think he does. My cats still have their paws to walk on. Amputation would leave her nothing to walk on. She just has no paws so when she plays rough she dont scratch me. Or scratch my dry wall when she is done with the litter box.

Look, its not something I wanted to do but I am not giving my cat up to someone who lets her keep her claws that she didn’t need anyway. Shes an indoor cat. Why does she need claws. Animals adapt well to the change and in no time act like nothing happened to them.

And anyway I have a baby and I'm frightened she will scratch my baby’s face and eyes. Cats are unpredictable particularly with children. Cats don’t need their front claws for balance. My cats walk fine without claws.

Anyway how can people agree to spaying and neutering and hate declawing. I don’t understand. Neutering is removing internal organs isn’t it? There is pain with that too.

Also I have declawing done before she was 2 and i was told that’s OK by my vet. It doesn’t cause any personality change. I just think that anti declaw people show us the worst cases, Not all cats have terrible experiences. Mines an indoor cat so it won’t need to defend itself. he walks fine and stretches and he is not changed.

If you think it is horrible it is your business. I don’t think that most anti declawers have cats. How do you know. You are just guessing. I could not have a cat unless it was declawed and anyway it saves lives. It saves me time and energy. Declawing does not cause arthritis. There is no proof that it does. It doesn’t make sense. I am sure it doesn’t cause psychological damage. It is just laughable what people say.

You guys who hate declawing make a drama about it. They heal in a week anyway. And to say that in some countries is is banned or illegal is irrelevant. If you think they care more in those countries well they eat them so why bother declawing!

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  2. The arguments for declawing just don't stack up and will never be sound because it is obviously wrong. One reason people say it is alright is to save lives. This means by declawing they are avoiding the possibility of the cat being euthanised at a shelter.

    This cannot be an argument. It is just two wrongs. And two wrongs don't make a right. What this argument says is that for the cat there is a choice; either die or have the tips of your toes cut off. What kind of situation is that?

    The underlying situation is that the domestic cat is routinely abused if he or she is surrounded by people who wish to declaw the cat for non- therapeutic purposes.

    What is shocking is that people who advocate declawing always present what they consider as sound arguments and they believe them. It is totally part of their mentality; deeply engrained.

    It is as deeply engrained as say slavery was 200 years or so ago. In fact, the concept of slavery and declawing originate in the same human fault: arrogance mixed with ignorance. A sense that we are superior when we simply are not.

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  4. uh...I've had several cats in my lifetime...none of which were declawed and not a single one ever damaged anything. I give my cats healthy outlets for their natural born desires to scratch. I also trimmed their nails regularly (which they let me do without protest). If you think its like taking off their fingernails, think again. THEY CUT OFF THE FIRST SECTION OF THEIR TOES...BONE AND ALL! I hope your kid doesn't ever talk back (which they will, because you won't teach them good behaviors) might end up cutting out their tounge so you can get some peace and quite. If you can't take the time to teach good behaviors, don't have pets OR kids.

  5. Nice to know that over here in Europe we still eat cats. Have to order one for dinner tommorow.

    Actually, declawing cats is forbidden in nearly all of Europe and in quite some countries you go to jail for doing it.

    It is an babaric act commtited by people who think that creation should bow to their every whim and who are not able to live in peacefull coexistence with nature.


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