What is an angora cat?

Angora cat of 1895. Image in public domain This is a tricky subject in my opinion. Although today the word "angora" usually applies to the Turkish Angora , a purebred cat that originates in Turkey and which is still found in Turkey. The word "angora" used to mean a long haired cat. Well that is what I think. You will see old illustrations of cats that were all-white with long hair that look like modern traditional Persian cats that were referred to as "Angora cats". This terminology was used in the early days of the cat fancy, say the late 19th century and early 20th century. I have a page on the Angora cat so I won't go on about it here!

What is a van cat?

1st registered Van cat The Van cat is a Turkish Van , a breed of purebred cat. The word "Van" refers to the town of Van in the southeast of Turkey which is on the shore of Lake Van.  This is the place from which the Turkish Van originates. The proximity of the town to the lake resulted in these cats being good swimmers, it is said! The town was in the news recently (late October 2011) because of an earthquake in the region that destroyed parts of Van. On a sad note I would expect that a number of Van cats were killed as well as over 500 people. The Van cat is semi-longhaired cat with a very particular coat that is unique to this cat breed. The coat is a chalky white except for an inverted "V" shape pattern on the forehead and a colored tail in the same color as the V pattern. The pattern is auburn colored or auburn and black (does that make it a calico cat?). The inverted V is said to symbolize Allah's thumbprint. The coat is designed to cope with harsh

Why do cats like catnip?

Catnip Catnip contains a chemical called nepetalactone that has an effect on the brain that gives the cat a high. Not all cats are affected. Not all cats are attracted to catnip, a plant that looks like mint. Cats like catnip for the high it gives. This is probably similar to the kinds of high people get when using recreational drugs. It is not clear if cats can become addicted. It is said that they can. But I have never read about a drug addict cat. Have you? It provokes certain behavior, such as sniffing it, chewing it and rubbing against it. After these behaviors the cat can lie and looked spaced out. "Trips" last no more than one hour and it takes about a hour for cats to come down from the effects of the drug. Catnip can act as a sedative for a cat when taken internally. Another drug Matatabi has a similar effect. It is found in Asia. Read more about catnip .

Cat with Corkscrew Tail

The cat with corkscrew tail might be an American Ringtail cat . This is a recognized purebred cat. It is a rare cat. The tail curls to form a ring or corkscrew. I am sure that there are random bred cats with the same curly tail because the original American Ringtail cat was a non-purebred cat, of course. The shape of the flexible and strong tail is due to the presence of two genes, one recessive and one dominant . There are dogs, purebred and random bred, with the same sort of tail Here is a picture of the American Ringtail cat. American Ringtail cat - - photo of "Solomon's Promise" © Joseph L Halbleib The person who created this rare breed of cat is Susan Mandley who rescued the first ringtailed cats. The photo on this page is protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA).

What is a Cymric cat?

A Cymric cat is a long haired Manx cat . It is therefore a tailless long haired cat of cobby body shape ( conformation ) with forelegs shorter than hind legs that can give the impression that it is leaning forwards. Cymric cat - "Bear Butt" - Photo copyright Helmi Flick The Manx cat has a long history of supposed natural development on the Isle of Man, which is in between England and Northern Ireland in the Irish Sea. The Cymric beginnings are unclear. It is likely that the breed started through deliberate selective breeding in Canada in the 1960s. Either that or it happened spontaneously in a litter of Manx cats and breeding carried on from that start. It is questionable whether a long haired version of an established cat breed should be made into a new breed rather than be categorized as the same breed with long hair. The photo on this page is protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA).

Kittens for Cheap Prices

Rescue kittens - Photo by Roy Montgomery Kittens for cheap prices is a total misconception and people should not search the Internet for cheap kittens. This is because the purchase price of the kitten or the adoption fee price at a shelter or rescue center is a tiny fraction of the cost over the lifetime of the kitten. And that excludes your unpaid time. A lot of cat maintenance is not necessarily fun; cleaning the litter daily, buying cat food, buying litter, taking your cat to the veterinarian etc. Let's say the purchase price is $100 or the sterling (GPD) equivalent. The cost of maintaining the cat over his or her lifetime may be over $10,000 and more. The purchase price or adoption fee price will therefore be 1% of the total cost of buying and caring for a cat. I think that conclusively undermines the idea that you can get your hands of kittens for cheap prices. It is the same as buying a car. These days (2011) people pay a lot of attention to the running costs of

Choosing a Pet Cat

Matching a pet with the owner's personality can be quite important in minimizing the risk of abandonment.  Incidentally, I don't like the terms, "pet" and "owner". I prefer "animal companion" and "cat caretaker" or "cat guardian" (if the animal is a cat). There are too many cats and dogs being abandoned.  Doris Day once said that there were 12 million cats and dogs put to sleep each year in the USA. Whatever the number is, it is high, very high and a shock. I am sure there are similar percentages of domestic animals euthanized in Europe. It is just not spoken about so much. People need to reflect more on their reasons for adopting a companion animal before proceeding. The reasons should be legitimate meaning not frivolous. You don't get a pet to match the decor of the house or as a Christmas present for the children. People should also swot up on companion animal care and the costs . There should almost be an obligato

Turkish Angora Pictures

Two splendid Turkish Angora pictures by the great cat photographer Helmi Flick . The Turkish Angora is a very distinguished looking purebred cat with a long natural history in Turkey. This cat really does originate in Turkey. In Turkey this cat breed is not selectively breed as much to be slender as is the case in America. It is quite normally shaped (semi-cobby) in Turkey and usually white with preferred odd-eye color. This post discusses what they look like in Turkey. White cats with blue eyes have a high incidence of deafness caused by the same gene that makes the cat white. Turkish Angora - Photo copyright Helmi Flick This cat has startling eyes. They are a gorgeous pale green that is so well matched to the steely gray coat. He has a quizzical face. The photos on this page are protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA). Next we have a plumed tail that is a big WOW! Turkish Angora - Photo copyright Helmi Flick This is

Balinese Cat Pictures

Two really nice Balinese cat pictures by the celebrated Helmi Flick . The Balinese is a long haired modern Siamese cat. The CFA do not categorize this cat as a separate breed. This cat has a delightful plumed tail. It is a plumed tail cat . There are a few. The Somali comes to mind immediately. The Somali is a long haired Abyssinian. The Maine Coon has a plumed tail too as do many moggies. Balinese Cat. This is Kareem. Photo copyright Helmi Flick As for Siamese cats there are traditional and modern Balinese cats . The cats on this page are what I call "modern" in conformation. The CFA would not describe them as that. For them a modern or oriental conformation is the standard. Kareem looks like a lynx point to me but I will accept being corrected in a comment! You can see some banding on the forelegs. The photos on this page are protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA). Balinese cat "Samson" - Photo copyrigh

Feline Anemia Food

I'll briefly discuss feline anemia food. Certain foods can enhance the production of red blood cells. Foods that are rich in amino acids, B-complex and iron such as organic beef, sheep or chicken livers are the best. We are not talking commercially manufactured cat food here, obviously. These foods should be given raw. Research was carried out by Dr. Fancis M. Pottenger that demonstrated that cooked meats "in spite of an otherwise properly balanced diet" damaged immune systems. I am quoting Dr. John Heinerman in his ebook: Low Cost Natural Cures for your Dog and Cat Your Vet Doesn't Want You to Know. He says that dessicated liver tablets can be used as well. This will be a supplement that can be added to the cat food. They are available at pet stores and possibly your veterinary surgery. Brewer's yeast has similar nutritional benefits to liver. It can be mixed into cat food. I am not sure that a cat would accept this, though. Cats are very sensitive to wa

Javanese Cat Pictures

Here are two Javanese cat pictures: Javanese cat "Blush" - Photo copyright Helmi Flick Javanese cat "Foxy" - Photo copyright Helmi Flick The photos on this page are protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA). The Javanese cat has nothing to do with the island of Java in Asia. It is just a name that conjures up an exotic cat breed. A breeder, Helen Smith of MerryMews Cattery, made it up. The cat is a long haired Oriental Shorthair . The Oriental Shorthair is a modern Siamese cat (slender) that is not confined by the breed standard to being pointed. There are a wide range of colors and coat types. The Javanese cat is slender therefore. This is called "oriental" or "foreign" in cat fancy language. When you think of a Javanese cat you should think about a very slender cat with long close lying hair and a plumed tail and with a wide range of coat colors and patterns.