Wednesday 26 October 2011

Is Google smart?

The answer is a resounding YES. They employ the smartest people in the world. It is almost a prerequisite for hiring a new Google employee. The important points to make are that (a) they can afford to employ the smartest people and (2) they think of the wider issues, the long term stuff, the global issues and work back from there.

Their software is the best. You need the best engineers for that. Sure, things go wrong but that is human nature.

How do you measure smartness in this instance? Simple. Google is a business. The more profit they make the better. You measure them by their profit margin.

Actually it goes deeper than that, at 2011. This is because there is no regulation of the internet. Google are the law. They police copyright infringements, for example. This would normally be carried out by an independent, non-profit making body. But Google take it upon themselves to police copyright.

They have an altruistic element to their operation. This is because they are so big they are in constant danger of falling foul of anti-competition laws. They have to be generous to counter that threat.

The world is massively imperfect so that no matter how smart you are you are still going to do silly things.

Why do I hate the world?

I don't hate the world but for those that do the answer is that you have to fit in with the world to avoid hating it. You have to go with the flow. If for whatever reason you don't fit in you will learn, over time, to hate it because it will be uncomfortable. You will desire to get out of it. Suicide is too hard for most because it goes against the core of our being - survival. So you will find the next best thing and that is often some sort of mind altering chemical to kill the pain of living.

So why should you not fit in? There are a lots of reasons. The normal is because the world is run by alpha males who play by the currently acceptable measure of success: money and power. There is also the status quo (the way things are) - the accepted behavior as demanded by the establishment, which is mainstream society who protect their society and the status quo because they take advantage of it. They run it.

Money is a very shallow measure of success and the status quo sucks for most of us! Many people seek more than that. They seek something more profound and meaningful - quality of life. They cannot find it in a world that is run by big business and alpha males. Quality of life is for the rich, we think, but they miss the point too. The alpha male is misguided because quality of life is not in financial wealth. He, himself, is a lost sole. But he messes up the world for all the others.

This is the bad thing. There is no cure for this malaise. You can't fix it because you cannot change the way you think. Unless you are 4 years of age but at that age you won't know what you think.

Feline Anemia Types

My old cat has anemia
Seven types of feline anemia are commonly dealt with by veterinarians:
  1. Aplastic pancytopenia - the bone marrow fails to produce enough new cells to replenish blood cells;
  2. Hemolytic anemia - Heinz body - an item of denatured hemoglobin is enclosed in the red blood cell. It is caused by the consumption of paracetamol that poisons the cat.
  3. Immune mediated anemia - affects dogs more that cats. Auto-immune system goes wrong and attacks red blood cells.
  4. Iron deficiency anemia - caused by a diet deficient in iron and/or iron loss due to e.g. intestinal bleeding.
  5. Megalobastic anemia - caused by the infectious disease feline leukemia.
  6. Anemia caused by chronic kidney disease. My old cat (20) is dying and she has feline anemia caused in part by chronic kidney disease.
  7. Metabolic anemia - occurs with fatty liver syndrome in cats.
See feline anemia for more.

Cat Sore Anus

Natural treatment for a sore anus caused by prolonged diarrhea. The tissue becomes inflammed and irritated. It can become infected with bacteria.

I'll quote Dr. John Heinerman, if I may, who wrote: Low Cost Natural Cures for Your Dog & Cat Your Vet Doesn't Want You to Know.

The doctor says that it is a good hygienic practice to sponge off your cat's anus with a clean cotton cloth slightly moistened with distilled water. This gets ride of material stuck around the anus. The area should then be gently dried. You then apply extra-virgin olive oil to the area using three cotton swabs. A small amount of oil is placed on the swabs. The procedure should be repeated three times daily.

If the area is infected slightly he suggests dabbing the area with cotton swabs soaked in "alcohol free liquid goldenseal-root extract". This is done several times daily.

In addition herbal creams can be applied. He suggests arnica cream or calendula cream.

You can buy the Kindle version of this book on Amazon:

Kindle version of Low Cost Natural Cures for Your Dog & Cat Your Vet Doesn't Want You to Know by Dr. John Heinerman

Cat Food Allergies

A lot of people are gradually coming to the realization that poor quality cat food might account for a large percentage of cat allergy problems. Veterinarians are more aware of this. Some vets will say that their most commonly encountered cat health problems relate to the immune system and allergies. It's about modern cat food manufacture using additives and chemical pesticides.

The public, however, is still largely unaware. Allergies are difficult to pin down which blurs diagnosis and assessment. Allergies generate symptoms of general ill health. Combine that with a cat's stoic nature and we end up not having a handle on cat food allergies.

Some vets would admit that too much canned cat food, dry cat food, cat food containing chemical preservatives and artificial coloring, and pet food containing moldy or rancid meats can cause cat food allergies.

The argument is that a properly prepared raw food diet is the best cat food. However, vets believe that it is unlikely that a cat owner will have sufficient expertise and time to prepare and store raw cat food to the required standard. Feeding raw cat food carries risk of ill health because of hazards such as bacterial infections.

However, raw cat food is a better cat food model. It is more nutritious and is easier to digest. Bengal cat breeders who feed raw food sing its praises saying the benefits to their cats are immediately recognizable.

Some vets will argue that raw food contributes to an increase in enzymatic activities in the gut and bowl. It strengthens the immune system.

One big benefit is that cats on a raw diet eat less. Cat obesity is a major health issue in the developed countries. Cat obesity can bring ill health.

Why does eating a raw food diet lead to cats eating less? It might be due to the high fiber content and/or high amount of mineral salts in raw food.

I don't think enough is known about cat food allergies. IBD - inflammatory bowel disease, is an immune reaction disease. The most likely stimulant for this allergic reaction is commercially produced cat food. Elements of modern cat food are treated as harmful by the immune system. A cat might demonstrate signs of IBD by becoming fidgety or licking themselves. This gives in the indication that they might have fleas.

Hyoallergenic cat food is available if people sense that their cat suffers from cat food allergies. The best cat food is a compromise.

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