Siamese Cat Tips

Siamese cat tips should be commonsense, really. We should do our best as good cat guardians and caretakers to make life as good as possible for our Siamese cat. That means satisfying his or her needs. Siamese cats are like any other domestic cat in respect of fundamental needs such as safety, food and warmth etc. The best cat food possible should be purchased - see best canned cat food and best dry cat food . Feeding an exclusively dry cat food diet is not recommended despite what you veterinarian might say. The area where the Siamese cat is a bit different and to which some thought should be applied is company. The Siamese cat temperament is said to be sociable. They like being around their human companion. The Siamese likes to be on your lap or on and in the bed. Note these points though: individual cats vary in character. Not all Siamese cats will be highly sociable. Also the cat breeds that are close to the Siamese, the Oriental Shorthair, the Javanese, the Balinese and the Orient

Dark Siamese Cat

We know that Siamese cat pointing is caused by a process that is sensitive to heat. Where the skin is cooler there is a production of pigment and where warmer the production stops or is less. At the body temperature of a cat (i.e. in the mother's womb) the temperature is such that the entire cat is creamy white. This is why newborns have no pointing. This begs the question whether in certain environments that are cold the Siamese cat becomes darker all over. And whether in hot climates the Siamese cat is lighter. The photograph below by AJ Franklin on Flickr caught my eye because he is a traditional Siamese cat with a dark body area. This area is normally lighter - cream coloured. Dark Siamese Cat The dark brown of the central areas of the body are probably caused by natural genetic variations that exist in individual cats and possibly because this cat, Oscar, lives in a cooler climate. Perhaps he goes outside a lot and outside where he lives is cold?! Don't know. But we rare

One Seal and One Blue Point Siamese

Seal and Blue point Siamese - photo by Insomniac86 on Flickr. This is a nice photograph of what I believe is a seal point Siamese on the left and a blue point Siamese on the right. The photo provides a nice reference point for the blue point against the seal. These are two very good looking Siamese cats. They are modern Siamese in body conformation (oriental body type) although I have seen more slender.

Mountain Lion Behavior

Mountain lion behavior is of interest to a lot of people in the United States because the mountain lion, aka cougar or puma , is a neighbor to people over about one third of the USA. This large wildcat has been pushed out of the eastern side of America and has gradually, over the 20th century, been forced into the west (2011). Urban sprawl resulted in people settling on its territory (from the cat's perspective) and this sometimes forces cat and human together, the consequence of which is to the detriment of the cat - it is usually shot if it poses even the merest hint of a threat to people's wellbeing. Tough on the cat, I think. They were there first. And actually they are said to be quite shy and will probably avoid people and can be frightened off. Nearly all attacks on people have been on unsupervised children and they are very rare indeed. To behavior then....The mountain lion is also found over much of South America still. This shows you how adaptable they are in

The World's Healthiest Cat

The Siamese cat was one of the first cats of the cat fancy. The cat fancy by the way is the group of people who breed purebred cats and show them at cat shows that they organise. They also formed cat associations to manage the cat fancy. There are too many of them. When the Siamese was first introduced into the cat fancy in England from far away Siam it caused quite a stir. This was an unusual looking cat. It was a cat that was considered "exotic" in the same was the wildcat hybrids are now. The truth is the Siamese cat is still exotic. In its pure state of seal pointing and standard conformation it is a very beautiful cat. All the selective breeding to add different color pointing and to make the cat thinner and "more refined" have probably failed. The beauty is in the original appearance. Of course I am a purist. And I like things that are natural. But that is because natural is best. Nature can do the job better than us. The Siamese cat today has ma

A Ban on Testing of Household Products on Animals

In the UK we seem to be gradually, oh so gradually, going in the right direction in respect of animal testing . At one time testing cosmetics on animals was allowed. That seems barbaric and ridiculous now. Cosmetic testing was effectively banned in the UK in 1998 because the government refused to issue licenses. That paved the way for a Europe wide ban in 2003. Note, though, that cosmetics that have been tested on animals because they are in circulation or manufactured elsewhere are not banned in the EU. Now the government in the UK has commited to banning testing household products such as washing up liquid, glue, nappoes (!), paint, bleaches, cleaners, fly and wasp sprays etc. on animals. There are alternative ways to test without harming animals. Animals are force fed high doses of substances or the substances are rubbed on their skin. It is quite horrible and totally unacceptable. A ban is overdue. See: Animal testing for cosmetics and animal testing in cosmetics and cosm

Cats and Dogs to Live Longer

The strange and perpetual desire for people to live longer has thrown up its latest possibilities, which are going to be tested on dogs and cats perhaps. It's just another form of animal testing it seems to me.