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Saturday 2 June 2012

Top Cat: The Movie 3D Review

2nd June 2012: This is a quick review of Top Cat: The Movie 3D. I have included a video trailer below. I have a page on the cartoon character Top Cat, based on the savvy television character Sergeant Bilko who was popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

The movie was released on 1st June 2012 in the UK. I believe the movie was released earlier in other countries - in 2011.

It was directed by Alberto Mar. He is either Argentinian or Mexican! I have failed to find out which (I think Mr Mar is Argentinian). What I think has happened is that the film was made in Spanish and distributed in Argentina and has then made its way to England having been dubbed in English and the titles changed to English. If I am incorrect please tell me! That transformation would account for the time difference between making it and its release in the UK.

Apparently, this is a poor film. The video trailer on YouTube gets more dislikes than likes (129 to 101), which is unusual and Kate Muir in the Times newspaper of June 2nd says that the 3D element of this movie is of poor quality, "the worst....I have seen".

The film is partly about criticizing the modern surveillance culture (disliked by many people) but the screenplay fails in this respect. Police Chief Strickland replaces Officer Dibble from the original television cartoon series. Strickland is a tech savvy cop presenting new challenges to Top Cat and team.

Kate Muir awards the film a single star out of five and says it is not fit "to be used as kitty litter"! Strong stuff.

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