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Sunday 21 April 2024

Do pets sell houses? Yes, normally.

A dog can certainly be a house seller's best friend and the friend of an estate agent selling the property. That is the conclusion of a report by Times journalist.

They say that estate agents encourage dogs to be in photographs of a person's property. This particularly applies to country homes. One estate agent who sells rural properties in the Cotswolds, said: "Larger, pedigree dogs may connote affluence and be something you might expect to see in a grand country house, while smaller breeds could suggest a more down-to-our family home."

They added that: "At present, whippets, Italian greyhounds and anything with a "doodle" in it seems popular in the smartest parts of the countryside. One can make the argument that having these breeds in a photograph can add to a home's appeal."

Let's not forget cats! Or coffee being percolated when a couple come to view the home!

Cats must also be a positive asset to the appearance of a home in a photograph. Who was it who said that cats are the soul of a home. 
“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” - Jean Cocteau
Cats beautifully adorned the living room of a home. They make a home emotionally warmer. They help to sell a home.

Estate agents and property developers realise that dogs (and cats) are part of the family, and they can play a big role in where we choose to live and what we choose to buy.

It goes a little further. When selling a home it is useful to add details about places nearby which can benefit the dog or cat owner. For example, a veterinarian who is nearby is going to be useful. And for dog owners, a nice park nearby will be a selling point for their home.

Ironically, when people view a home, it's advised that they keep their dog out of the home because they can be a distraction. I don't think that would apply to a domestic cat for the simple reason that most cats run away when strangers come into the home.

However, that said, some home viewers might be allergic to cats which would be a big negative when viewing the home and some viewers will be scared of cats. Therefore, it probably would be sensible to ensure that the cat was out of sight when viewers come around. As I said, though, most cats will hide anyway but the occasional domestic cat is very confident with strangers.

In the interests of fairness, some people are also allergic to dogs or frightened of dogs so that's another reason why they should be out of the home when the viewing takes place. This is ironic obviously because dogs and cats are an asset in a picture but they are a problem when they are actually there.

Although sometimes both the seller and buyer love dogs or cats and the subsequent connection and conversation can help to sell the property.

This points to the fickleness of humans! And the tricks that we have to play in order to get our home sold.

P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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