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Saturday 28 June 2014

Feral Cats Attacking Endangered Seabirds In Hawaii

The video shows endangered seabird burrows in the rugged rainforests of the mountains of Kauai in Hawaii where ferals cat attack the birds and feed on them.

Scientists state that feral cats are killing the endangered seabirds in large numbers. I would like to know where they get their statistics from because a video such as this one does not confirm that large numbers of seabirds are being killed by feral cats.

In the video you will see the cats pulling a Newell's Shearwater and a Hawaiian Petrel out of their borrowers and then killing them.

Dr Andre Raine, a coordinator of an endangered seabird recovery project, says that this is yet more evidence of the impact that feral cats have upon the conservation of these birds.

The population of these endangered birds is declining.  The reason for the researchers to find out why.
“The cameras are showing that cats are regularly visiting seabird borrows in all of our monitored colonies." says Dr Raine.
Dr Raine also states that one cat visited nine burrows in a single day last year. He goes on to state that a Hawaiian Petrel chick was killed in the process.  I wish to remain unbiased but that makes one bird and hints at the possibility that the feral cats are less destructive than as implied. Feral cats don't decimate bird populations.

There have been examples of feral cats killing island birds but often the research is flawed. Rats kill birds too for instance (How feral cats affect wildlife - overview)

Clearly the authorities in Hawaii are concerned about feral cat populations and no doubt they will be taking steps in the future to reduce the size of the population and I hope when that time comes they use the humane method, TNR. They are working with the Humane Society of the United States to work out the best way to reduce the impact on indigenous wildlife.

The impact of feral cats on wildlife is frequently over-estimated and always based on estimates.

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