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Thursday 18 May 2023

Video of cat's point of view as he traverses an 8-foot-high chain-linked fence

This is a video of a cat's point of view as he/she traverses an 8-foot-high chain-linked fence. This is a pretty cool little video. Nothing startlingly amazing but it is always nice to see life from the cat's point of view. This is an indoor/outdoor cat living in a perfect place for a cat. Well, it looks like that.

It seems that the great backyard is enclosed by this high fence. Fortunately for the cat there are trees in the garden and some of them are near the fence.

This makes traversing the fence quite straightforward. The big question is how does he get back. We don't see well placed trees on the other side to climb.

That said a lot of cats could climb that fence. Mine certainly could. There may be a tree out of view which is suitable positioned for the return journey.

As you can see, he jumped down into the other side. The soft landing would have made it more acceptable.

Tom's Guide EIC Mike Prospero decided to strap an Insta360 Go 2 camera, which is "smaller than [his] thumb," to his cat Mervin. It makes think about doing this to my cat as it would tell me what he does when he is outside. A good way to learn about your cat's outdoor behavior and check if it dangerous.

Wednesday 7 December 2022

"Cats try to RUIN Christmas trees" discuss!

It is that time of year when websites sometimes discuss the interaction between cats and Christmas trees 😎. And this is where it goes wrong 😢. There's one website from New Zealand called Stuff which has a title as follows: "Watch: 12 times cats tried to ruin Christmas trees". This is a big website with an influence, and I don't like the title (Kiwis don't like cats!). I am being too serious, but this is a title which imports speciesism into the discussion.

Domestic cat pulls over Christmas tree
Domestic cat pulls over Christmas tree. See video below.

Domestic cats don't try and ruin Christmas trees. They try and climb them because that is what domestic cats want to do. They need to entertain themselves in the sterile human environment in which they are placed and forced to live. Strong words.

@yoilseari please send tips so this won’t happen again #cat #catsoftiktok #christmas #cats #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Ilse ◡̈

So why criticise them for trying to ruin Christmas trees? They are simply climbing them and enjoying the experience. If that results in the Christmas tree falling over and smashing to bits so be it.

It is not a conscious effort by a domestic cat to ruin a Christmas tree. I am spelling out the obvious and I'm sure that I am being incredibly tiresome and boring in doing so.

However, the title that I refer to on the Internet is a misdescription and a form of speciesism.

No doubt there are many videos of domestic cats pulling over Christmas trees. There are an equal number of methods to protect Christmas tree such as putting kitchen foil all around the tree. This works pretty effectively because it looks sort of Christmassy while at the same time protecting the tree because domestic cats hate to walk on tin foil. They don't understand it and it makes a funny noise which puts them off very effectively.

My theory is that the sound of tinfoil being walked on sounds a bit like a viper or a rattlesnake. Cats don't like snakes although it must be said that they are very effective at killing snakes particularly the sand cat. This is made possible by the fact that the domestic cat's reflexes are sharper than those of the snake!

Back to Christmas trees. The video on this page I think is priceless. That is a bit of a pun because there is a financial price to pay when a cat knocks over a beautiful Christmas tree as we see in the video.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Spider Cat - ginger tabby demonstrates his prowess (picture)

Just another day in the life of a domestic cat although it looks impressive to many humans. To other humans it might look a bit annoying because you don't know what kind of damage he is doing. I do not think that he is doing damage, actually, because the structure on which he's climbing is suitable for climbing and I don't think it can be harmed by him. And he is having a hell of a lot of fun. It's the vertical movement which cats love. They have to have their daily fix.

Ginger tabby Miko the Samoan cat is Spider Cat
Ginger tabby Miko the Samoan cat is Spider Cat. Photo: the owner of Miko the Samoan cat. He lives in Japan.

I just like the photograph. It's nice and symmetrical and this ginger tabby is looking very much like Spider-Man which is a very popular franchised film currently. That is why "spider cat" is a suitable title.

We don't know what happened next. Cats are very good at going forwards and upwards but less good at going backwards and downwards. He must have shimmied down or simply turned around where he was and jumped down.

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The poor performance of domestic cats in going backwards i.e. in reverse down trees is one reason why they sometimes get stuck 40 feet up. They race up with not a problem in the world and then scratch their heads and try and figure out how to get down which normally means going backwards. 

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The very adept and talented domestic cats race down headfirst using the branches as breaking points. That is mightily impressive and they need their shock absorber forelegs to cope with this and confidence and courage in abundance.

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