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Thursday 22 May 2014

Cats Are Aliens

You can see an alien cat entering a flying saucer floating around the hallway of a home on earth. It's really exciting. It's dramatic. It's really weird but it all makes sense because cats are aliens.  We don't understand them.

To a lot of people cats are indeed aliens.  To a lot of other people they are best friends.  Some people fully understand the mind of a domestic cat while others, well....they just don't have a clue and often people who don't understand the domestic cat also dislike the domestic cat.

In general, what people don't understand they can be frightened of, and what people are frightened of they want to kill - to get rid of it so that they are no longer frightened.

You could argue that a lot of people who like to shoot at cats are frightened of cats.  Perhaps the cure for these cat shooters to get them to understand cats.

It is actually quite easy to learn to understand the domestic cat.  You just have to respect the cat, provide a suitable environment for the cat, feed her well and play with her, be with her as much as possible and then be observant all the time, read some books about cat behaviour or just read pages on this website; it's all here.  Then a domestic cat will no longer be an alien to you but a best friend and an enduring companion that you will miss when she passes on.

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