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Thursday 17 July 2008

Cat totem

cat totem
photo puroticorico

The Cat totem is one of many Native American Animal totems. These interest me because the attitude of Native Americans towards animals as demonstrated in their animal totems is the kind of attitude that could be adopted by many people around the world. The Native American attitude is more inclined to foster better relations with our fellow creatures. I think it important to try and improve out relationship with animals. There are many millions of people in the world who would seem to actively dislike animals. I don't understand why this should be the case.

An animal totem is a symbolic object that can be used by a person to his/her benefit. This "relationship" also benefits the animal concerned. The totem can be used to get in touch with the qualities of the animal concerned and which are needed by the person. It seems to me that the animal totem represents the animal guide. The right animal guide, for you, can change throughout your life as your life changes. Animal guides promote a connection with nature, which is something that modern humankind lacks and which it could be argued is very important to us to keep us grounded and balanced.

Each person has a natural affinity towards a certain animal or animals at a certain time. Mine is obviously the cat. I also have an affinity towards the big cats as they are both proud and very talented and yet at the same time very vulnerable in a human world. You can find yours by asking some basic questions such as which animals you are drawn to. This website tells you in some detail, how to find and connect with your animal guide.

The Cat totem encourages independence and agility in mind and body. This animal guide is resourceful. I have already learned from my cat totem. I have learned patience and persistence. The cat totem gives you courage and confidence. I find she gives me reassurance and calm too.

The cat is also associated with myth and magic. This is probably due to the secretive nature of the wild cats such as the Scottish Wildcat and for example the Cougar. They are very hard to see in the wild. Perhaps this is what makes them a target for hunters as people are frightened by animals they cannot see and which are strong and good hunters. It is this innate fear of some people of the wild cats that makes the cat vulnerable. These people would do well to change course completely and go in the opposite direction and connect with these animals and the fear should subside.

A cat's presence calms people and creates a balance. People who live with cats live longer and are less stressed. The cat totem is a very useful one but only one of many.

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