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Tuesday 10 January 2023

Adopt a rescue kitten and receive $1000 of vouchers for free air travel!

This is a hot-off-the-press news story with a short lifespan! Frontier Airlines must have a chief executive who likes animals and is concerned about animal welfare. I can't think of any other good reason. I am delighted. The airline has offered the public vouchers for free flights if they each adopt one of three rescue kittens found in North Las Vegas.

Frontier Airlines has offered flight vouchers for pet parents who adopt any of three kittens named Spirit, Frontier, and Delta (from left to right) at the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas.(The Animal Foundation via CNN)

They were found about two weeks ago and are currently at a foster home. They are nearly newborn and once they are ready to be adopted out, they will.

They named the kittens Spirit, Delta and Frontier. The airline picked up on this and are delighted that they've named the kittens after airlines one of them theirs.

As a reward and in the interests of promoting animal welfare, a representative of Frontier Airlines told CNN that adopters who take Spirit or Delta will receive two vouchers valued at $250 for a total of $500 in vouchers per pet parent.

And a special reward will befall the person who adopts the kitten named Frontier. They will receive four $250 vouchers with a total value of $1000. How about that? You're going to be handsomely paid to adopt a rescue kitten which you might have adopted anyway.

Two of the kittens are ginger tabbies, one with a bit of white and the other pure ginger tabby. Ginger tabby cats have a reputation for having good characters.

The third cat is the cat named Frontier. This is an interesting cat. They have calico markings which means that she is female. The other two are probably males.

They are currently at the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas according to Fox 5 Vegas. Anybody in the area who was thinking of adopting a cat should get on the phone immediately! You might have $1000 worth of free airline tickets for 2023 to enjoy.

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