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Sunday 7 August 2011

Marble Bengal Cat

Window to my Desk by littleREDelf
Window to my Desk, a photo by littleREDelf on Flickr.
Here is a nice photograph of a marbled (or marble) Bengal cat. Nice clean photo and a beautiful cat. The cat looks young in this photograph.

Marbled Bengal Cat

The marbled pattern on the Bengal cat is the classic or blotched tabby pattern. It can be spectacular on a high contrast coat on a Bengal cat.

Perhaps the pattern of coat that we are most familiar with in relation to the Bengal cat is the spotted and rosetted spots but there are many wonderful marbled coated cats and Sundog is the most famous and spectacular perhaps. You can see him on the left on this page.

His coat is symmetrical and this is not that unusual as far as I can tell.

Not only is his coat symmetrical, the dark marbled areas are raised like a reverse embossing.  You can see a picture showing that on this page.

Click on this link to see pics and description of the Bengal cat coats.

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