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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Black-footed cat photos by Anne-Marie Kalus

Here are two of the best photos of the fierce and diminutive black-footed cat by a talented amateur photographer who publishes her photographs on Flickr. These images are protected by copyright please note. She has kindly agreed to let me publish the photographs here. You can see her photostream here: Photos of Anne-Marie Kalus. If you want to use them please contact her on Flickr.

 The black-footed cat has the appearance of a wild-looking domestic tabby cat with a high contrast pattern.

The facial appearance is very domestic cat looking. However, you will not see these tabby pattern markings on a domestic cat.

The classic tabby "M" mark on the forehead is missing. There are a different set of genes at work.

As the name suggests, the paw pads are black.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Black-footed Cat Pictures

Twelve black-footed cat pictures. Where you see a credit under the photo it has been published under a creative commons license. Please click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger format version. Where there is no credit the picture is judged to be in the public domain. I have improved the image quality of the black-footed cat pictures published under creative commons.  They are free to be used under the same creative commons license. Please comply with the terms of the license. You can read the terms of the license on the Flickr hosted page that the text links point to.

by jonkriz

by MrGuilt

by jonkriz

See large image, credits and description

by KCZooFan

by MrGuilt

by quinn.anya

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